MOT WELLINGTON“The Mists of Time”
The Wellington Hotel, Brecon.
July 1966.



It’s mid Wales in the 1960’s and a few lads with guitars and a healthy dose of attitude decide to form a band. Before they even started rehearsing it was vital to have a name and they settled on THE MISTS OF TIME. Little did they realise then that the name would have particular significance several decades later.

 Soon they were performing regularly and to their amazement found themselves much in demand and the over the next couple of years they performed at what seemed like every concert hall and village hop in Powys. 

In 1967 two founder members of THE MISTS OF TIME ( Roger Leakey and Bob Whittaker ) decided on a musical change of direction and joined an eight piece Soul Band called THE HARLEM SOUL SYSTEM, two of the present members of THE MISTS OF TIME ( Geoff Gage and Jinx Jenkins) were members of that Soul Band.

Then followed a hectic period of non-stop gigging and apart from being voted ‘Wales Top Soul Band’ they had the experience of working alongside many big names in the pop scene, Amen Corner, The Move, The Marmarlade, The Small Faces and others.  The band split up in 1968 and that, so they all thought, was that.

 Fast forward to 2009 when Phil Sheridan, another early member of THE MISTS OF TIME, was organising a Rock Concert at Brecon’s Theatr Brycheiniog. Phil wondered if THE MISTS OF TIME could reform for a one-off performance and headline the concert.  Everyone agreed to give it a go and with the addition of Carolyn Chick on keyboards the MISTS OF TIME walked on stage again after a gap of over 40 years.

The old magic was still there and since 2009 the band have been working regularly in the UK and abroad but mostly in Wales where they have become firm favourites each year at Brecon Fringe Festival.

 There are currently no plans for THE MISTS OF TIME to ever stop.


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